The main products that we manufacture are:

1. PVC Electrical Tapes

2. PVC Pipe Insulation Tape



The main products that we sell are:


Adhesive Tapes

Fabric (Cotton) Insulation Tape
PE Adhesive Protective Film

Household Goods

Electric Soldering Irons
Electrical Extension Sockets
Electrical Extension Sockets
Electrical Heaters

Lamp Sockets
Electrical Adaptors
Heating Elements
Outdoor, indoor and water thermometers





Office in Barnaul:

110, Pobednaya Street, Barnaul, Russia, zip-code 656031
tel: +7-(3852)-62-34-412

E-mail address:

Office in Moscow:

22, Pliuscheva Street, Moscow, Russia, zip code 111524
tel: +007-(495)-970-02-65

E-mail adress: